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On 20.01.2021 at 10:00 CET

As we all know being active and doing sports is recognized as one of the key factors to a strong immune system and a healthy lifestyle.

The current situation resulting in temporary closures of gyms and other sports organizations has certainly had significant limitations on our regular training routine. However, the desire to stay fit and healthy has only increased since then.

Instead of going to fitness studios, many people have been working out at home or exercising outdoors, whenever possible.

The products we are going to present in our webinar are developed to support and enhance the individual sport performance.

Overview and Schedule

Welcome and introduction (3 min)
Diana Kalustova & Moritz Dunkel, Vivatis Pharma

1.Inventia – Keto-HiMCT (12 min)

A product which provides a high content of MCT C8 (medium chain triglycerides) and therefore leads to the release of a higher level of plasma ketone bodies.

Shefali Thanawala (DGM, Medical affairs)

Arun Narayanan (AGM, Business development)

Q & A (3 min)

2.Bionap – RED ORANGE COMPLEX (12 min)

ROC is able to decrease oxidative stress in subjects with compromised antioxidant defenses.

Landry Ngahang (Sales Scientific Support)

Mattia Caramazza (Sales Manager Europe)

Q & A (3 min)

3.Bioactor – WATTS’UP (12 min)

WATTS’UP is an all-natural citrus sinensis extract standardized for hesperidin in its most active conformation.

Joris Kretzers (Account Manager Health Ingredients)

Q & A (3 min)

4. Gencor - PEA (12 min)

Clinically proven CBD alternative to support joint health, sports recovery and sleep.

Mariko Hill (Product Development Executive)

Q & A (3 min)

Product overview and conclusion (3 min)
Diana Kalustova & Moritz Dunkel, Vivatis Pharma 

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